a well-organised kitchen

Tips to Reorganize a Kitchen’s Storage

It always gives you a sense of satisfaction when you have your kitchen fully organized with everything on its right place. You will feel comfortable working in the kitchen as you have access to all the items quite easily and you won t have to find things here and there. Let us have a brief look on tips to reorganize a kitchen’s storage.

• The first thing you need to do is to make best use of your kitchen cupboard space. For items which you use frequently, use cupboards between the knee and eye-level. You can place the items which are not frequently used above or below this line. Similarly, cleaning material can be stored in the cupboard under the sink.

• Always store things close to where they are needed the most. For instance, storing the cleaning material under sink will always help you doing the cleaning task rather easily. Make one thing sure here that if you have small kids in home, it is important to have locks on these ground cupboards.

• To reduce the mess from the countertops or worktops, always try to keep as much items as you can inside the cupboards such as coffee jars, mugs, glasses etc. this will not only keep your worktops clear but also give a neat kitchen looks.

• The things which you think are rarely used can be put over the top of the cupboards to clear the mess such as boxes of birthday candles, cake containers of packing of different appliances.

• To make the best use of the space, you can install hooks and racks on the inside of the cupboard doors. These hooks and racks can be used to hang aprons, brushes, pans or any other unbreakable items. For fragile items, you can use shallow plastic or metal racks.

• In order to make best use of space, always go for multi purpose small appliances like food processor instead of a mixer and a blender.

• Revolving storage racks can be used for corner cupboards.

• In order to make some more space in the kitchen, it is good to move the freezer to a utility room or in a garage.

• If your kitchen is small, you can move some of the stuff into the living room cupboard such as wine glasses.

• It is also important to keep the cupboards in good condition if you want your storage place on a larger side. If the doors of your cupboards sustain any damage, you can buy new doors from the kitchen companies.

• You can also repaint your shabby cupboards and their door fronts on your own. If you want to make your kitchen larger, use white and pastel shades.

• Also keep the handles and locks in good shape. You can replace the broken handles without getting the help from any other person.