space saving tools for tiny kitchen

6 Space-Saving Tools for Tiny Kitchens

Living with a tiny kitchen means that you need to think big when it comes to kitchen organization and space-saving solutions. We have storage solutions that will change the way you make the most of your tiny kitchen.

1. Magnetic Strips

Not just for knives, magnetic strips are great for holding kitchen tongs, serving spoons, and more. With options like bamboo and pastel colors, there is a magnetic strip for all kitchen decor themes, and Coryanne Ettiene shows you how to use a magnetic strip to create a cook station in a small kitchen.

2. Undersink Organizers

In a tiny kitchen, every square inch counts. Making the most of your under-the-sink storage space is essential for storing all of those everyday kitchen items. Creating a custom shelving unit can be costly, which is why we love this expandable organizer from the Container Store that allows you to create pullout drawers, as well as much-needed shelving space.

3. Pegboards

When you need vertical storage without the limitations of shelving, pegboards offer both a feature wall and a storage solution that works well in small kitchens. They are great for hanging pots, pans, kitchen tools, and even the occasional kitchen herb pot. This quick and inexpensive solution from Better Homes and Gardens is as easy as cutting the pegboard to fit your space, splashing on your favorite paint color, and adding pegs for hanging storage.

4. Petite Pot Racks

We’ve all seen those elaborate hanging pots-and-pans racks, and while they make a great storage solution, not all kitchens have the height to pull them off. But a single curtain rod positioned in the right place on a wall or from the ceiling can solve this storage problem with little effort. Read more about this solution on Better Homes and Gardens.

5. Curtain Rod Railing

Give the illusion of height and create more workable space on your counters by installing a railing. Nothing makes a small space feel cluttered more than a busy work surface, and this simple railing made with a curtain rod removes the clutter and creates space in one quick installation. Learn how to install it in this tutorial from No 29 Designs.

6. Cutting Board

We don’t often get the chance to create space in a tiny kitchen, but by adding a cutting board that fits snugly across your sink, you are creating a floating prep station that makes up for lack of work space in a small kitchen. If undercounter space allows, go one step further by adding a composting bin.