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Will granite ever go out of style?

Will granite ever go out of style?

This is a good question. Granite is becoming the standard material of choice for countertops across the country. Many times when a product becomes so popular that everyone starts to use it, it can be at risk for going out of style. There are exceptions of course to this. For example, jeans. Jeans have been in style for so long none of us can even remember jeans not being in style. The only thing that has changed over time is colors, cuts, and of course prices (many like the designer high priced jeans).

In order to properly ponder this question, first I would like to explain what granite is and its relation to natural stone. After all, granite is simply a type of natural stone. Natural stone includes granite, soapstone, marble, natural quartz, and other quarried materials that can be made into countertops. The reason why I would like to expand this question to include all natural stone is because stones marketed as granite vary so much it is literally impossible to really group granite as one style choice. For example, there are 100’s of colors of granite. There are honed granites that look like soapstone. There are stones marketed as granite that are really natural quartz that look like marble but are very hard and durable. There are other stones marketed as granite that are so dense and hard that it is impossible to stain them. Those stones are not granites either, but are marketed as granite. Due to this vast array of granite options and how stones that are not granite are marketed as granite (because they are hard and durable), it makes sense to expand the question to natural stone.

Now, we can re ask the question: “Will natural stone ever go out of style?” 

The answer to this question is absolutely not. Here is why… natural stone has always, since the beginning of modern civilization, been the material of choice by architects and designers. The only style choice that does change is the type of natural stone that is selected during certain periods. White and Green marbles have historically been popular choices for all types of projects (including countertops) that have gone in and out of style over the years. Shiny versus honed surfaces, colors, and patterns will all go in and out of style. The types of woods that are used for cabinets will go in and out of style as well which will affect the stone options that work best. Since there are so many colors and options with natural stone and virtually no other options that are anywhere near as beautiful as natural stone (after all natural stone actually has semi-precious stones, fossils, and other really neat material embedded in it), it is highly unlikely it will ever go out of style. Natural stone has always been in style throughout our entire history.

In closing, the options for natural stone are so broad and so complete; there will always be a place for natural stone. The important thing to remember is that you select stone colors and woods that work well together. If you decide to choose a trendy style combination of colors and patterns, then your whole look will go out of style when that trend starts to go. If you choose a classic look and stay within the colors and options of that style, the chance of it going out of style is greatly reduced.