granite countertops in beautiful dream kitchen

Why you should consider granite countertops

Many customers come to Granite Objects when deciding on a kitchen countertop because they love the selection of natural stones that we supply. When choosing a stone for a kitchen countertop however, we recommend using a granite stone for multiple reasons. While both marble and granite are synonymous with luxury and are great options for classic and modern homes- in the kitchen, granite provides greater durability, easy maintenance, and other benefits. To learn more about why granite is the superior choice for kitchen tops read on… here are our 5 reasons why granite rocks!

1. Granite Countertops are extremely strong:
Granite is the second strongest natural material, right after diamonds. It is rock hard- literally. Because of its chemical make up, granite is extremely durable. In the kitchen, granite countertops will last you a long time down the road. It is resistant to chipping, scratching and cracking. We always recommend using a cutting board on your granite kitchen tops as they blunt your knives! Because of the natural stone’s hardness, granite counter tops are also heat resistant and stain resistant.

2. Granite Countertops are easy to maintain:
Before we install any granite, we properly seal the granite for you to ensure its resistance towards stains and spills. Not only with a quick swipe of warm water and soap will stains be gone, but it also cleans up bacteria. Unlike marble that may retain some red, lets say from spilled wine, granite will not absorb the colour as quickly. There is no need to worry about special acid-free or specialized washes, like with marble, simple water and soap will do!

3. Granite Countertops boost a home’s value
New granite kitchen tops make your home not only more attractive, but also more valuable. Granite Objects’ customer’s return on investment is extremely high, so you potentially increase your homes value by the amount you spend!

4. Granite Countertops are a great long-term investment
Because granite is so strong, durable, and long lasting- installing granite kitchen tops will allow you to enjoy your product for many years. While other people are required to change their laminate counters around three times and people with wood counters around twice, there is no need to worry about changing granite. Granite countertops are cost-effective and are a perfect solution for someone who wants long-lasting beauty.

5. Granite Countertops offer natural beauty
Besides all the other amazing qualities, the best part about granite is its natural gorgeous appearance. The fact that each granite slab is unique with different patterns, movement, and colours is amazing. No two pieces are the same. With incredible variations and colours, granite kitchen tops really stand out and make your kitchen a work of art.