Benefits of Natural Stone tiles

What are the benefits of natural stone tiles?

Natural stone tiles are fast becoming the flooring material of choice. Having been used for thousands of years already, natural stone is a dynamic and versatile product that can be used in both traditional and contemporary buildings.

Gone are the connotations of drafty castles and cold halls, replaced by images of cosy farmhouse kitchens and relaxing bathrooms. Even those who have not yet opted for the timeless elegance of stone tiles may not be able to resist their charm for much longer.

However, what are the benefits of having stone tiles, and can they really add warmth to a home?

Benefits of natural stone tiles

Practical benefits

Stone tiles have generally been the domain of kitchens and hallways, but thanks to their durability and practicality, they are making their way into living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. For people that are looking for a material that will last a lot longer than carpet, and something that is easy to maintain, they can’t go wrong with stone tiles.

Natural stone has also become a feature that can add value to a property. As the housing market began to stagnate, people started devoting their resources to regeneration by adding modern luxuries, like stone tiles, to their properties instead of incurring the expense of moving.

Warming benefits of stone tiles

Designers regularly advise that natural materials, warm colours and a multitude of textures are the best products to give a cosy feel, making natural stone tiles the perfect option.

Additionally, with the advancement in underfloor heating systems, it is extremely easy to add real warmth too. Electric underfloor heating equipment can be set upon the existing floor and then the stone tiles laid over the top providing the luxury that many modern day consumers crave.

Benefits of Natural Stone tiles

Eco friendly benefits

Stone is an excellent conductor, so adding underfloor heating can also add to the eco-friendly benefits of stone tiles. Heat will be generated by drifting up into the room so that traditional heating systems can be turned down, making a saving on household utility bills.

As stone tiles remain in place for many years, possibly outliving the actual building, with very little maintenance, they are also one of the most sustainable products on the market.

But aren’t stone tiles expensive?

The ‘natural stone is expensive’ argument doesn’t really have any fruition anymore. There has been an increase in demand as more and more people look on a stone floor as an investment that will last for a number of years, which has meant that the cost of stone tiles has dropped.