8 Gorgeous Must-See Kitchen Palettes

What Makes a Dream Kitchen?

We all have our own ideas about what makes a kitchen beautiful, but there are some basic elements of a dream kitchen that work no matter the style. Think of creating your dream kitchen as following a recipe. The little touches that make your kitchen perfect are like ingredients in that recipe. Here are ten gorgeous kitchens that illustrate the tips you can use to create your own beautiful kitchen.

Drama in the Kitchen

Whatever style you love, any kitchen can use a little drama. Not the plate-throwing, foot-stamping, drama, but a detail or two that elevates your kitchen’s style. The most obvious way to add glamour and drama to your kitchen is with a light fixture. Choose lighting for your kitchen as you would jewelry for your wardrobe. The idea is to add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen while making sure that the space is lighted properly. 

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