5 clever ways to use natural stone in home décor

Natural stones are versatile and add a distinct texture to interiors. “Right from elegant Italian marble, directional travertine, durable granite, practical Kota, translucent onyx and rustic slate each stone has its own characteristic appeal,” say Ashish Patil & Prachi Chavarkar, co-founder, ArchiLab Designs.

While granite, quartz and marble are the most commonly used natural stones, interior designers have been experimenting with stone varieties like limestone, cuddapah and soapstone for years. “Stone is abundantly available in nature and is often used in green building projects as it is environmentally sustainable. It does not contain any harmful materials or toxins and can be safely used for both indoors and outdoors. It is also a material that can be salvaged and recycled, which reduces any adverse impact on the ecosystem,” says Basob Majumdar, VP—Design, HomeLane. Here’s a look at how you can use stone in your homes.

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