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5 ideas to copy to make open plan living work for you

Open plan living: some people love it, some people hate it. The Marmite of interior design if you will. The Real Homes team is pretty divided on it – some of us believe open plan makes for a lovely sociable space, plus it’s handy to have the fridge nearish to the sofa by for frequent snacking. The other half believe open plan is just a ruse to convince you are living in a stylish space when actually you are cramming up to three rooms into one smaller space and not having a separate kitchen and living room is tricky to style (despite agreeing the closeness to snacks is a pro).

Anyways, regardless of your feelings on open plan, they can be difficult spaces to decorate and arrange, since there is so much going on and it has so many purposes. So we have come up with five looks that show you exactly how open plan should be done…

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