grout replace

How to remove and replace grout

Over time, grout can become grubby or stained despite regular cleaning.

While there are grout pens on the market that will temporarily restore brightness, the most practical solution is to remove and replace the grout.

In the past, removing and replacing it was a labour intensive and time-consuming task, but the introduction of specialist tools and attachments make the process far easier and simpler.

For this project we used a Dremel MultiTool with Grout Removal attachment. There are a wide variety of small, yet powerful tools on the market, and they are definitely worth the investment for various projects in and around the home.

You will need:

Ready mixed or grout powder
Mixing bowl
Spatula or paint scraper
Soft cloth
Newspaper or drop cloth
Dremel MultiTool
Grout removal accessory

Here’s how:










Step 1

Attach the grout removal accessory to the end of the MultiTool. Instructions should be provided with the grout removal accessory and be sure to purchase the correct fitting for your particular MultiTool.

Lay down newspaper or a drop cloth below the area where you will be working to help contain any mess.

Step 2

Switch on the MultiTool and gently lower into the grout. The attachment makes it easy to control the movement of the bit, so that you will not damage the edges of the tiles.

Step 3

If the existing grout is not damaged and you only want to re-apply a new layer, it is only necessary to remove the top 2 to 3 mm. If the grout is cracking or falling out, it is better to remove to a depth of 5 to 6mm before re-applying.

Have your ready-mixed grout handy, or mix powdered grout to the consistency of thick cream.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of to the edge of the spatula or paint scraper and press this into the gaps between the tiles.

Don’t worry about excess grout at this stage. Once you have finished applying, go back to the starting point and use a lightly damp sponge to gently wipe away any grout that is left on the tiles.

Step 5

Let it dry before wiping with a soft cloth to remove any traces of grout and shine the tiles and then apply Grout Sealer to block moisture and prevent stains.