fixing granite scratches

How to Fix a Granite Countertop Because Someone Scratched It

It is known that after diamond, granite is the hardest natural stone. It is widely used in contemporary kitchen countertops and floors. However, being one of the hardest stones, it is still vulnerable to scratches. Whether the marks and scratches are either from scratchy surfaces or sharp objects, they are inexorable no matter how cautious you are. You can repair or fix such scratches or marks at home by yourself. I have discussed some ways onhow to remove scratches from your granite countertop in this article. Only one precaution, please avoid over-doing anything as it can affect your granite polish.

Method 1

For multiple small scratches, you can start the process of scratch removal using a resin scratch stick. It is the best way to remove those small yet visible scratches. A resin scratch stick is soft on the granite and will not hurt its polish; however the scratch will not totally disappear but it cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Procedure – remove the marks using a resin scratch stick in the countertop. As you scratch; the stick will scratch off and remove the small mark from your kitchen countertop. If this doesn’t solve the problem, or you are not satisfied with the job, try the method 2.

Method 2

If the scratch mark on your countertop is so deep and dark that you cannot remove it using a resin scratch stick, then you need to use sand paper or ultrafine grit steel wool to remove them.

Steadily and slowly rub the mark on the surface without putting too much pressure using steel wool. Then slowly increase the pressure and keep an eye whether it’s becoming effective or not. A word of caution: Do not put too much pressure at once, and not too little, keep it well-adjusted.

Procedure – The best way to start is to work the sides of the mark to minimalize the polish. Then you can begin to scrub across the scratch mark. Avoid using circular movements and make use of linear movements. As you keep scouring for few minutes, the scratch will be battered out and removed. Apply a stone sealer or rub the surface with a rubbing compound to finish the work. If this also doesn’t get the job done, move on to the next method.

Method 3

If sand paper or steel wool doesn’t do the job, you can use diamond sanding blocks. This process of scratch removal is done using sanding block attached with fine grit diamond paper. This tool allows you to use the hardness of diamonds to remove marks from the granite countertop. Use it very carefully as the diamonds if scuffed on other areas, will damage the surface.

Procedure – Begin by using the sanding block on both side of the scratch. Then use it on the scratch to remove it. Do not push too much pressure and make small motions back and forth. Clean the surface carefully to remove the dust and debris, and then use a rubbing compound to remove any uneven marks. Finish by applying a stone sealer.


We are not liable for any loss or damage in the event that you make use of the methods above and something goes wrong. You’re doing this at your own risk.