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Key Advantages of Using Marble Pool Coping for Your Home

Key Advantages of Using Marble Pool Coping for Your Home

Marble is a fine material for an elegant and luxurious swimming pool. Seasoned suppliers of natural stone tiles and pavers offer marble pool copings for an easier way to upgrade or build an opulent swimming pool. No matter how big or small your pool is, marble copings will enhance its beauty, while making sure that you have a safer waterline and added value to overall property.

It is recommended that you buy marble pool copings from a reputable and experienced supplier. This way, you can purchase material in the right size and type. Whether you are building a new pool or doing a remodel, the supplier can provide the perfect color and size that can go perfectly with your design goals. Standard bullnosed tumbled marble coping is ideal for pools with a unique or unusual shape, especially if there are plenty of rounded curves. This lets you avoid waste and eliminate the need to cut and shape the copings extensively for a more cost-effective job.

You can buy marble pool copings exclusively for remodeling and fixing any manner of damage or blemish. Remodeling copings provide a quick and easy fix with their four-inch turn, which can cover all kinds of flaws (including uneven bull-nosed coping). Remodeling copings are pre-formed, so they can easily be placed over existing pool copings. Some suppliers offer thick two-inch copings that can compensate for undulation and lip pool damage. All copings come with a tumbled finish for extra grip that can prevent slips and falls.

Marble pool copings will keep your poolside cooler than the rest of its surroundings. This is because marble is able to stay cool to the touch. Hence, you can comfortably sit on the side of your pool with marble copings without worrying about any burning sensation or the surface being too hot, especially in the summer. The smoother surface is more comfortable to grip or walk and sit on, too, unlike when your copings are made of concrete. Marble naturally resists bacteria and it is easy to clean, too. Mild soap with water and a dry cloth can usually take care of most dirt.