complete care of granite

How to take care and remove stains from your granite countertops

Cleaning your countertop daily is enough to keep your granite countertop in good shape for the majority of the time, but sometimes spills that leaves stains happen which requires a deeper cleaning process.

Tips to remove stains without damaging your countertop:

  • Apply a baking soda paste on the stain

It doesn’t matter what you spilled, the odds are that baking soda can assist you with removing it.  To clean an oil-based stain, make a baking soda paste with some water.  If the stain is water-based, mix the baking soda with hydrogen peroxide.

  • Apply the paste generously over the stained area

Use a soft cloth to gently scrub the stained area, rinse it thoroughly, and repeat if needed.

  • For tough stains

If repeated scrubbing doesn’t get rid of the stain, re-apply the paste, cover the area with plastic and tape the edges down.  Leave your homemade stain remover on the granite countertop overnight (or even a few days).  Rinse and wipe the granite then with a soft cloth to hopefully reveal a stain-free surface.