Daily cleaning for radiant marble

To make sure that the sealant remains effective, a daily wipe down of your countertop is vital, with a nonabrasive cloth and only mild soap, such as dishwashing liquid amd water.Spilled food should be cleared up straight away, before it can seep into the stone and cause either a stain or discoloration. This can happen if the spill is allowed to stay on the surface overnight, even with sealant in place.Keeping a cutting board nearby is also a good idea for food preparation, so that substances that can stain, such as beetroot, won’t come into contact with your countertop. Coasters are another good idea to keep wine, glass and coffee-cup ring stains to a minimum.Stains are not the only culprits when it comes to marble damage, however.Marble is also prone to something known as etching. That is dull marks on the surface caused by contact with acidic substances, found in many cooking ingredients, such as lemon juice, tomato sauce, vinegar and more.Next time, find out how to handle etching on your marble countertops, as it requires more aggressive treatment.