easy diy kitchen decorating

Easy DIY Kitchen Decorating

Easy DIY Kitchen Decorating

Add personal style and fun decor to your kitchen and adjoining eating area without spending a lot of money. Take a look at these easy DIY kitchen decorating projects.

Turn a sturdy vintage crate with an interesting shape into a rustic beverage station. Secure wineglass holders to the bottom before hanging with wall studs. Suspend a roll of kraft paper with spare rope to showcase your latest drink offerings.

Fashionable Floor Mat

Craft a high-style, high-functioning floor covering from paint and a sheet-vinyl flooring remnant (available at home centers). Simply cut the material to your desired size, prime, and paint using the free stencil below.

Tray Chic

Pump up the style of an unfinished wood tray with a trendy herringbone pattern. Use a sponge to apply a colorful water-base stain, which allows some wood grain to show, over a stencil onto the tray. Seal with a clear finish, and serve snacks with style!

Picture Perfect

Use metallic painted frames to highlight dry-erase boards and corkboards on pantry doors. The photo finish creates functional artwork that keeps grocery lists, coupons, and your family’s schedule right where you need them.

Tailored Window Treatment

Turn a plain dish towel into delicate cafe curtains. First, cut and hem a dish towel to fit your window and dye the fabric as desired. Then, slice a potato in half and make a design. Use a foam brush to apply white fabric paint to the potato, and stamp the pattern on your towel. Repeat as desired and hang with curtain clips.

Natural Napkins

Use nature’s amazing color palette to create beautiful dyes from plants. Tuck leaves between purchased dish towels and tap firmly with a hammer to make twin impressions. Repeat, leaf by leaf, until you’ve achieved your desired design. Finish your creation by ironing the towels on low to minimize fading.

Storage with Style

Convert a TV entertainment center into a handy depot for cooking and baking tools by removing the doors and finishing with a coat of crisp blue paint. Span an open space with a curtain tension rod to hang pretty patterned hand towels.

Shake It Up

Press and hold to unleash the power of spray paint. Make over a set of canisters from the thrift store with splashes of color on the lids and stand. Create labels on the glass sides with chalkboard paint.